Portfolio History

West Coast Specialists

Over the last 50 years, I've come to truly appreciate the value of real estate; less in a conventional investment sense, but rather from more of a historical perspective. I've bought, "turned-around" and sold several of the same properties several times over.

They have stood the test of time.

Some have also disrupted convention. This, the Renaissance Tower when completed in 1989 became the tallest skyscraper in Sacramento, challenging the City's classical landscape. Some 25 years later, it's Sacramento's 5th tallest structure, playing host to a number of A-List tenants. I'm honored to have partnered with the Benvenuiti's in paving the way for the construction of other high-rise buildings in the downtown area.

Designed by renowned architect, George William Kelham

490 Post was erected in 1928 to serve as a model for future professional building construction − another tribute to standing the test of time. UCM converted the 16-floor, 117,000 sq ft high-rise to medical dental office condominiums. Mr. Kelham's other accomplishments in San Francisco include the Federal Reserve Bank and the Public Library.

UCM Assets Under Management
1992 - April 2023

Granite Bay Village, Granite Bay, CA
University Village, Sacramento, CA
1310 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA
Redlands Shopping Center, Redlands, CA
56th and J, Sacramento, CA
1120 Sun Centre Drive, Sacramento, CA
Koko Marina, Honolulu, HI

2 Scripps Drive, Sacramento, CA
20 Bicentennial, Sacramento, CA
1420 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA
490 Post, San Francisco, CA
Howe Arden Commercial, Sacramento, CA

Twin Creeks, Roseville, CA
Arden Court Condominiums, Sacramento, CA
Wong Center, Sacramento, CA

Auburn Blvd. and Garfield Ave., Sacramento, CA
1636 Kathleen, Sacramento, CA

Red Lion Hotel, Sacramento, CA
Days Inn, Sacramento, CA

Sloughhouse Vineyard Estates, , CA
Cedar Brook Homes, Cave Junction, OR
Laurel Pines Residential, Laurel Pines, OR
Yuba City, CA
Diamond Springs, CA
100 Arden, Sacramento, CA
Auburn 49, Auburn, CA

Public Assets Under Management
1983 - 1993

Regency Plaza, Sacramento, CA
Villa Del Sol, Fullerton, CA
University Village, Sacramento, CA
TGIF Sunrise Hills, Sacramento, CA
Fulton Square, Sacramento, CA
Totem Square, Kirkland, WA
Imperial Canyon, Orange County, CA
Sierra Oaks, Roseville, CA
Keystone Square, Reno, NV
170-174 West Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA
7390 Greenback Lane, Sacramento, CA
3090 Sunrise Blvd, Sacramento, CA
19401 Parthenia Street, Los Angeles, CA
1630 Redlands, Riverside, CA
1056 Harbor Blvd, Orange County, CA

Milpitas, Santa Clara, CA
Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA
Timberlake, Sacramento, CA
16th and K Streets, Sacramento, CA
3604 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA
425 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA
Town Center Garden Office Park, Orange County, CA
11135 Trade Center Drive, Sacramento, CA
11167 Trade Center Drive, Sacramento, CA
Hurley Ethan Office Park 1, Sacramento, CA
System Integrators Buildings, Sacramento, CA
Hurley Ethan Office Park II, Sacramento, CA
Parkway Center, Eldorado Hills, CA
Redfield Commerce Center, Phoenix, AZ
One Scripps Drive, Sacramento, CA
Medical Office Complex, San Jose, CA
Office Building, Phoenix, AZ
One Sunrise Park, Sacramento, CA

4350 Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA
Burbank Mini Warehouse, Walnut Creek, CA
Downtown Mini Storage, Sacramento, CA
Self Storage, Concord, CA
Fiat Warehouse, Corona
Commercial Building, Corona, CA
Mallory Service Building, Walnut Creek, CA
One Sunrise Park, Sacramento, CA
515 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA
Loop Road, Lewistown, PA

Redding Holiday Inn, Redding, CA
Chico Holiday Inn, Chico, CA
Sacramento Holiday Inn, Sacramento, CA
Walnut Creek Holiday Inn, Sacramento, CA
Best Western Inn, Pismo Beach, CA
Howard Johnson's, Green Bay, WI

Florin Perkins, Sacramento, CA
Stanford Ranch West, Roseville, CA
Sunrise Blvd and Whiterock Rd, Sacramento, CA
Land, Corona, CA
Industrial Lot, Corona, CA
Lots, Pacific Palisades, CA

UCM owns and/or manages the partial list of properties described herein with the exception of those that have been sold. Additionally, some properties described herein may no longer be managed by the company.